Gratitude simply means being thankful and taking nothing for granted. It also means to pursue and value any form of kindness extended to you. An attitude of gratitude is very important because it shifts a person's focus from what they lack in life, to the fullness that already exists. Psychological and behavioral research studies have shown the many life improvements that can be experienced from act of gratitude.


While gratitude does not solve or cure all our life problems, it plays a major role towards enhancing a person's life satisfaction. Happiness Gratitude makes a person happier and this translates to the mental well being of a person. It also plays a key role in improving a person's relationships, career and personality. The happiness experienced by a person amplifies the quality of life. Emotional stability Another importance of gratitude is it's role strengthening a person's emotions.


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Gratitude makes a person experience the good feelings because it brings about contentment and eliminates feelings of resentment, frustration and envy. Absence of gratitude results to resentment and materialism; which reduces one's ability to enjoy life as it is. Resentment also makes a person selfish and generates negative emotions. Gratitude on the other hand generates positive feelings of happiness which helps in reducing stress levels therefore resulting to a emotional stability. Spirited heart and Optimism People who demonstrate an attitude of gratitude tend to be more spirited and optimistic. Gratitude brings about contentment and joy. A sense of contentment makes a person optimistic and hopeful about the future no matter how hard the situation may be. Gratitude is also said to play an important role in boosting a person's energy levels.


A grateful heart can make a person pick up the pieces whenever they are broken and lurch on. Support to others An attitude of gratitude generates pro-social behavior. Gratitude makes a person more supportive and helpful to others. People who are grateful are more likely to offer emotional support and a sense of care to others than those who are ungrateful. Enhanced productivity Another importance of gratitude is the role it plays in increasing a person's productivity. A happy, emotionally stable, and content person is more likely to attain efficiency and achieve set goals than a person who is frustrated and resentful. Productivity can not be attained when a person is always complaining about how unsatisfied they are. When you demonstrate gratitude for the small things given to you, you will definitely flourish exactly where you are even as you aim for more greatness in your life.


When you become accustomed to looking for something to be grateful about, you will realize that you will start to appreciate even the small things and gestures that you once took for granted. It is important to practice gratitude in all circumstances therefore, one should not wait for positive experiences only to demonstrate gratitude. Gratitude helps a person put things in a proper perspective, it makes one look for a lesson in the midst of adversity instead of complaining and blaming others. Being grateful in all circumstances gives an individual the will power to face life with a joyful heart; to conquer, stand tall and come out stronger.