There are many Local SEO techniques that your dental practice is likely doing well. This includes ensuring your NAP information (Name, Address, and Phone Number) appears correctly on your website, claiming your Google My Business page, and guaranteeing consistency across local directories. However, if you rely solely on the business listings, at the top of search engine results pages, you are losing potential patients. Writing effective Local SEO content is essential for your dental practice marketing, and is the best method to set yourself apart from competitors.

Firstly, it is important to stress the overall value of fresh, unique. Search engines love new and original material. Moreover, when you write, it informs them your website is active and needs regular indexing. However, your patients will also love informative and useful information about dentistry and dental health. Nonetheless, the drawback to this type of content is it has no real Local SEO value. You can add local keywords, but that can sometimes do more harm than good.

While articles about dental health and care options are uniquely valuable to your patients, simply adding your hometown into the article may come across as spam. If your website visitors feel they are being marketed to, they are more likely to perceive the content negatively. Therefore, if you are going to write a blog about "Dental Implants in Hometown" then it must have some actual relevance to the referenced location. This often makes creating Local SEO content difficult, and you may feel it limits your options. Today's article will help you write effective Local SEO content for your dental practice marketing.

Know Your Patients

Who is your ideal customer? Every type of business has their target. You want to identify those patients who are responsible for most of your dental practice's business. Using surveys, you can go beyond simple demographics to understand their needs and interests. This information empowers you to create content that is more personalized and will attract more patients that look like your ideal customers.

While content about dentistry and dental health is valuable, use what you know about your ideal patients to add content that is actually locally relevant. The idea is to attract your target using what you know about your ideal customers. It brings people to your website who may not find you otherwise, and you then become a valuable resource.

Become Involved in the Community

When you become involved in the community, it shows you care about the people who live there. Moreover, it gives you something fantastic to write about. Whether it is an independent effort or a community improvement project, becoming involved will also improve your reputation. Make sure to post plenty of photos, and write about how the project will improve the local area.

Participate in Local Events

Whenever there is a barbecue contest, fair, or other local events, make sure your dental practice is represented. It doesn't really matter if you set up a booth or just attend, just make sure you talk to a lot of people and take photos. You can then blog about attending. This strategy will give you many opportunities for locally focused keywords.

Newsjack Local News

This technique doesn't require you to attend an event or even leave the office. Simply follow your local news websites and report on the local topics you find most interesting. However, limit direct quotes to less than 20 percent to avoid a penalty for duplicate content from search engines, and always link back to the original.

Show Off Your Dental Office

A great way to give your blog a more personal feel is by adding behind the scenes blog entries. Consider content highlighting birthdays or office baby showers. While you want to avoid overdoing it, these articles are very humanizing. Moreover, they have the potential to become very shareable on social media.

Ask for Feedback

Use your blog to ask your patients to complete a survey, provide feedback, or write reviews. User-generated content like this is extremely valuable, credible, and provides social proof. Therefore, these posts can boost your dental practice's reputation. Moreover, the feedback can be repackaged in other marketing material both on and offline.

Intent-Focused Content

Today, people are using search on smartphones to meet immediate needs. Intent-focused content answers the questions that will lead potential patients to your office. You could write a blog entitled, "Where can I get 24 hr emergency dental care in Hometown?" However, these types of blatant marketing posts should be limited to less that 20 percent of your content.

Review Local Favorites

Reviewing local business and attractions will give you plenty of locally focused content. However, what to review goes back to knowing your patients. So, if you are a children's dentist, it probably doesn't make sense to review local bars or nightlife. Nonetheless, providing real and useful reviews can attract local visitors that match your target.

Ultimately, the idea is to use content to build an audience. People will subscribe to your blog, or follow you on social media, because of your locally relevant content. However, they will become patients because of your authoritative content on dentistry and dental health.  Moreover, you will build a reputation as one who is active and concerned about the community. Using a Local SEO content strategy, for your dental practice marketing, will set you apart from your competition.