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There are a number of reasons you might want to take a self-defense course. The most obvious, of course, is that you want to be prepared to defend yourself or your family if you’re ever in immediate danger. This isn’t a paranoid assessment – there are real criminals and real dangers in society. And while it is, hopefully, rare to run into someone who may want to cause you harm, having no plan for how to deal with that situation leaves you exceptionally vulnerable. In a study conducted by the Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was determined that 1 in 6 women had experienced a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault. For men, the numbers were 1 in 33. No attack is ever the victim’s fault and not all attacks are preventable. But we do know that self-defense training can help victims to stop or escape their attackers.

Rape is only one of a myriad of situations where someone would need self-defense training. A mugging or home invasion are both situations where self-defense training would help you to better assess the danger, defend yourself and your family, and find ways to minimize the damage the perpetrator poses. Self-defense isn’t just about learning how to fight or hurt someone, it’s about learning how to defend yourself and think clearly in very intense situations. It’s about gaining the confidence to better control situations which might otherwise be completely outside of your control.

A great self-defense course will encompass information and training on specific types of combat, but it will offer more than that. At Pure Performance, we offer martial arts training with real world skills for combat and self-defense. Any age or health level can benefit from these courses.

Reasons for Enrolling in a Self-Defense Course

Of course, most people think of knowing how to fight or being better capable of defending yourself, and those are good reasons to enroll in a course. Taking a self-defense course will also offer advantages in emotional, physical, and mental well-being for the experience.

  • Confidence. Martial Arts and self-defense instruction gives you the tools and skills you need to confidently assess a dangerous situation and navigate effectively. There is nothing more empowering than that. Students gain confidence and control over some of their fears out in the world.
  • Focus. Self-defense students learn how to focus during stressful situations. They can assess dangers before they arise and learn how better to take inventory of their environment on all occasions.
  • Ability to Defend Yourself. Those who simply want to learn self-defense can learn basic moves and more intricate skills to defend themselves in the event of an attack.
  • Exercise. Self-defense training and martial arts courses are excellent exercise programs. They offer a fun and powerful way to train the body, burn calories, and improve physical health.
  • Training. For those who are already athletes of any discipline, updating courses and taking different martial arts disciplines add to your overall training and offer excellent benefits.

Benefits By Demographic

A person from any age bracket or walk of life can benefit from learning new self-defense skills or training to better the ones they have.

  • Children. Self-defense courses are excellent for children. These courses teach children discipline, offer a fun activity, and help teach them confidence. Children who take self-defense courses are better aware of their surroundings and are trained in how to defend themselves against attackers, both adults and children their own age. Not only do these classes help educate children on the dangers of predators but they also aid children in dealing with common bully situations without becoming bullies themselves.
  • Women. Women and young girls can benefit from self-defense courses for a number of reasons. It improves confidence but it also helps them to level the playing field against an attacker who may be much larger than they are. These courses are excellent preparation for girls going off to college for the first time or women of any age. They’re also advantageous for any woman who would like a physical, hands on work out.
  • Men. Men can, of course, benefit from self-defense courses for all of the same reasons as women. Many men also find that the training regimen compliments any other athletic activity they participate in and is a great well-rounded work out.
  • Older Citizens. Age is not a determining factor as far as self-defense. Older citizens can take classes and learn new techniques and these classes will often help improve their health.

Are You Interested in Taking a Self-Defense Course?

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