Nutrition experts refer the need to acquire adequate food habits to ensure proper nutrition. One of the main keys to achieving this is to distribute the energy and nutrient intakes in five daily: breakfast, mid-morning, mid-day meal, snack and dinner. They propose that the midday meal and dinner not represent more than 60% of these contributions and the remaining 40% comes from the other three intakes. Indispensable in some cases While snacking is a food habit absolutely recommended for people of any age, should highlight the importance of collective or snack for some situations where it is crucial to meet the nutritional needs. Children and adolescents In the stages of growth is extremely important that the diet is balanced and varied to ensure nutritional requirements. For this reason, the snack is specially recommended in children and adolescents. Furthermore, in the case of children, their digestive system is still in full development and maturation period whereby your body is not ready enough to be many hours without eating. If this increased activity at these ages is added, one can understand the importance of Snack in these cases. Pregnant and lactating mothers The Snack takes on special importance in the case of pregnant and lactating mothers considering that nutritional needs are increased. Elderly In elderly people, Snack provides an optimal way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs without the digestive system need to perform slow and slow digestion, since at this age the digestive capacity is less.