There are many things that make a community great, but nothing more impactful than the people in it. Whether you live in an urban area or a rural one, the thing that makes a thriving community are the people that become involved. Volunteerism is a great way to acknowledge where help is needed in the community and certainly has its benefits. Consider these options to help your community out a little bit:  


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Helping the Less Fortunate

  One of the best ways to give back to the community is by helping the less fortunate. In some urban communities, homelessness can be an issue. While there are non-profit organizations to help those, who might be less fortunate, they thrive solely on the help of community members.   To help with this situation you can dedicate your time at local food pantries. Stocking, assisting with paper work, and even donating your own goods.   You may even find the opportunity to lend a hand at your local soup kitchen. Helping the community out by preparing and serving meals is a great way to show support and build advocates in your community.   If you don’t have the time to lend a helping hand, consider donating useful items that can be used every day at your local homeless shelters.  

Clean Up

  A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone. A great way to help clean up your communities is by volunteering your time to cleaning up trash. Whether you live by the beach, a park, or a highway, there is always a need to pitch in and keep these public places clean.   Another great thing about this type of volunteering is that you never have to schedule a time to pick up trash. If you notice that there is an area on the side of the road or if someone carelessly left their trash on the beach, simply pick it up and throw it away. Not only does this show for a cleaner community, but it also assists in conserving the natural wildlife that makes your community special.  

Humane Society

  Volunteering is even for those who love animals. Many urban and rural communities can experience stray dogs and cats with no homes to take them in so the live on the streets in hopes to find food and shelter. Volunteering your time at local humane societies help to get these animals off the streets and into caring homes.   This is another organization that thrives from it’s helpful community. Whether you’re looking to foster, adopt, volunteer, or just donate money and goods; this organization can certainly use some extra support.   While there are countless volunteer opportunities available, each specific to its community, these options are usually always in need of extra support of the community. Consider getting your friends and family together to make a brighter tomorrow for your neighborhood and community. Clean and well-kept communities are great for resale and always in demand so do your part and reap the benefits. Volunteering has its own way of giving back.