Generating simple straightforward quotes is an easy task. However, when you are selling complex configurable products, your sales reps often have to rework their quotes often in order to meet the client’s exact expectations. Using the right quoting or Proposal software is the key.

With a complex catalog, the first casualty is order accuracy. This increases cost and delivery cycle time. In such circumstances, creating the final version of the quote can be quite burdening and mentally taxing. This can have a negative impact on many areas including productivity. If you want to ease the quoting process, irrespective of how complex the requirements are, make sure to incorporate CPQ software tool into your business.

Adding the right combination of configure service options, bundles and accessories can be a daunting task when you are using spreadsheets. However, with this software tool, your sales reps can become product customization specialists. This is because, unlike manual quoting, the software tool makes you aware of configurations and accessories that are correct for that specific product.

The recommendations made by the tool are always compatible with the particular product. So even if your sales reps are novice in configuration and pricing structure, they can easily produce some of the most complex quotes easily and accurately. This results in a faster quoting process, thereby shortening sales cycle, accelerating sales, improving profits and boosting business growth.

The amount of time spent in creating a product tailored to meet your client needs is significantly less. No wonder, you prepare fewer versions of the same quote before it gets accepted. As a result, you are able to accurately generate higher number of quotes every month.

On the whole, the biggest advantage of using Configure price quote solution is that even without product experts, your organization can successfully deliver quotes in a very short amount of time. This is sure to make your sales team more productive and efficient.