As some of you might know, LAGA was formed after the tsunami at the end of 2004 in an area of the world that is nicknamed the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” a region of high volcanic and seismic activity that surrounds the majority of the Pacific Ocean Basin. This region is essentially a horseshoe of geologic activity that includes volcanoes, earthquakes, deep see trenches, and major fault zones. The Ring of Fire is over 40,000 km long and touches 4 of the world’s continents as well as major island chains. You can read more about the Pacific Ring of Fire by clicking here

     So it is considered quite “normal” to hear of small eruptions on a fairly regular basis.

     However, this morning we received word from our team in Indonesia which was rather disturbing. If you are so inclined, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks.

     This is what we received via email today:

     “Just to let you know, there was an earthquake yesterday (Thursday) at just after noon local time in Aceh. The center of it was just outside … to the north… From what I can see at the moment there were about 500 homes destroyed, several schools and offices ruined. A few people killed and a few hundred homeless. I assume everything is ok with the people that sew for LAGA there, but I have not heard … specifically about this yet. I am sure that there will be no help or response, other than maybe a little bit of something from the government (at the most).

     “Two days ago there was an earthquake that shook Banda Aceh quite hard sending the city into chaos. Team are all fine. Some people injured in the chaos.

     “…July 3rd, there was an earthquake in Central Aceh (Takengon) that destroyed 1800 homes, many schools, etc. About 100 people were killed and several hundred injured.

     “There has recently also been other earthquakes that the team has felt.

     “With our team we are praying, thinking and planning what our response to things like this should be.”

     If you are interested in helping aid this area monetarily, please contact us at info @ and we will give you information on where you can send funds.

     Of course, as always, purchasing a LAGA handbag also helps the people in that area as this is the exact reason for this project for over seven years now. Please feel free to visit our website. Your support is much appreciated!

Blessings to you!

Roy and Louise van Broekhuizen
Co-founders of Laga Designs International, Inc.
Long Beach, California