I thought I would review the Innjoo Fire 2 Plus since there are not that many reviews of it online. I bought it from Souq.com for 399 SAR which amounts to a little more than $100 USD. Innjoo is only sold online, so you won't find it any stores as the manufacturers want to keep it as cheap as possible for the consumers and having it sold at stores will increase the price by at least another 200 SAR and people may consider buying a phone from a well-known company for that price. Innjoo is currently only available for delivery in KSA, UAE, Egypt and Nigeria. I will discuss both the positive and the negative aspects of the phone and clarify the external memory as many people say there is no place for it as they have not understood what is written on the phone.
  • Great price: getting a smartphone for such a price is a great deal.
  • Fast Charge: the phone charges quickly in about an hour and a half, so it is very convenient as you don't have to wait for long until it charges.
  •  Battery time: After your phone is fully charged the battery stays for a really long time and I never had to charge my phone more than once a day
  • External memory slot: you can add an extra memory micro SD card to increase the phone memory. Some people say that they cannot find this slot. It is the same slot as the SIM card slot you can chose either to put in two SIM cards OR one SIM card and a memory card, you cannot put in both two SIM cards and a memory card. This is clear on the sticker that comes on the phone screen where you have either or, but not both options at the same time, so if you need two SIM cards and an external memory at the same time, then you should consider looking for another phone. 
  • Personalized themes there are a lot of themes for both the TouchPal keyboard and the phone as a whole and a lot of nice wallpapers. 
  • Sleek appearance: the phone does not look cheap as it is and it comes in nice colors. I got the gold one.

  • Overheating of device: my Innjoo overheats every time I am in a long phone call to the extent that I have to use a headset because it is too hot to put my ear onto. It also overheats every time I charge it which worries me and I actually take it out of the charge sometimes for safety reasons.
  • No screen protectors or covers available: there are still no screen protectors or covers available in KSA for this model of the Innjoo phone, so I had to go and find one that fits but is not made for it from a phone store in KSA. 
  • Covers for other Innjoo models only come in black and white and are not fashionable: so even if Souq.com eventually starts selling covers, they will be boring and not interesting enough for the younger generation. 
  • Memory issues: my phone has a lot of available memory when I check it in the settings, but when I try to open some applications, I am told that I do not have available disk space. That might be the RAM, I never had such issues with other phones, so I am not sure.
  • Phonebook issue: I copied my contacts over from my Samsung S4 using an application called 'Copy Data', but I can sometimes see the contacts I am searching for and their names appear, and sometimes the same contact disappears from the phone! I still have not figured out this issue yet, and I have chosen the setting to display all contacts. 

I have had the phone for about a month now, and the rear camera quality has been great for my vacation photos and I will upload some photos taken with the camera on another post, but here are a couple for now with the 13MP camera and they were taken with the installed camera application except for the second one which was taken with SnapChat: