It happens to us all.

We sit in traffic, unable to move because other cars are keeping us from edging in any direction to break free from being blocked in.

If you're like most of us, you're frustrated.  You're most likely running late.  And to top it off, you've got a monumental jerk behind you, who is a huge fan of his horn and proves it by laying on it nice and long for your benefit.  Because he is sure - you're at fault that he's not going anywhere anyway!

Now, it doesn't matter than you can feel his pain.  He is just mad and is going to show you how much by showing you the international sign for 'STEP OFF!' or whatever else comes to mind.  Let's just say he's a fan of birds - the kind that likes to shoot up in greeting.

So what is your reaction?  Most would respond in kind, and to be honest, no one could blame you.  It's like a chain reaction, right?  Dominoes knock other dominoes down, just like anger begets anger.

So, I offer you a challenge.  When in this situation, I've found a simple gesture in return is an excellent alternative.  Just look at the photo below to see what else you can offer.

It does two things.  It gives you much more peace than offering an angry gesture in return, and it most likely would make someone else look twice.  How they look is up to them.  It could be that it irritates them even more - which might be fine for some of you.  Or it might be that it makes them snap out of their foul mood and consider slowing their roll.  I'm hoping for the latter.