On 7th Febuary 2016 (Chinese New Year Eve), I was at Singapore Hainan Tan Clan Association to offer prayers to my late parents-in-law when I was assaulted and my mobile phone snatched from my hands by a member, Tony. There were many members and their families present but the Hainanese men chose to sit and watch as I cried for help.

I can't wait to put up the video of that fateful day and show the faces of the men who watched me get whack! I am going to name them. Let's wait for the trial.

I am a victim, but I have to go through so much inconvenience, trouble and obstacles to file police reports. I have YET to get my justice but the men are attempting to pressure my husband and I to drop the case. I say "NO!"  

For years, several women in the clan and I were constantly harassed by Tony, I wrote complaints to the President and the council members. They didn't do anything to protect the female members. For more than a year, I was told to endure the public humiliation and harassment from Tony for 4 times. When I was hit the second time, enough is enough.

The first time I was hit, it was right in front of a deputy president and his wife, when I stood up for him as Tony harassed him on the closure of the clan's karaoke. When I wanted to make a police report after I was hit, the deputy president stopped me and told me he would handle Tony. The President and several council members were present.

Shortly after, when the deputy president heard that I was seeing lawyers, he called for a lunch meeting at Prego Restaurant & Deli at Swissotel The Stamford. He assured my husband and I, Tony would not harass me again.  

When the Chinese New Year Eve assault incident happened, this couple did not call to check on me, let alone apologise or feel bad. Until today, this incredible couple have the gall to give me the cold shoulder and black faces whenever we are in the same room.

The President and his council members were not apologetic, a few even remarked "this is a private matter between you two (Tony and I)!" I will bring this to the relevant authorities for advice and action.  

Women should not submit to 
injustice from anyone.

The United Nations General Assembly has designated November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134).

Women have the right to live their lives free from violence in all its forms. Every day, thousands of women across the world are subject to rape, beatings, torture, physical intimidation and murder by male intimate partners, family members, acquaintances, colleagues, soldiers, men in civil authority and strangers.

The implementation and enforcement of laws to protect women are essential. It is unacceptable that violence against women so often goes under-recognised and under-accounted for. It is often an issue that is left up to women to fix, but men from families, workplaces, friendship groups and wider communities should all be involved in the eradication process.

As women, together we stand.


在2016年2月7日(农历新年除夕),我在新加坡海南陈氏公会拜祭我家翁家婆时, 被一个会员Tony殴打, 手机也被抢。有很多会员和他们的家人在场,即使我当时高喊"救命!", 但这些海南人却眼睁睁坐着观看我被打。我先生要报警时, 还被阻止。

我们等着上法庭。多亏有摄像机, 我会把这些海南人的摸样放上网, 让大家看看这些冷漠无情的男人, 怎么对待一个手无寸铁的女人。

我和几位女会员在新加坡海南陈氏公会这几年, 都不时被 Tony 骚扰, 我被打两次。第一次在一个副会长和他老婆前面, 我为他说话被打, 他不让我报警, 还说他会处理。

当他知道我去咨询律师时, 两夫妻就约我和先生吃午餐, 说服我不要打官司, 他保证 Tony 不会再找我麻烦。言犹在耳, Tony 就选在除夕日出手打我。我已经忍无可忍。

我第二次被打, 那对保证人夫妻, 会长与理事们不闻不问, 不道歉, 还给压力我们撤销案件; 现在大家见面他们还黑头黑脸给我看。上警察总部报警, 还有更离谱的事发生呢!


令人不能接受的是,制止侵害妇女的暴力行为经常得不到充分承认, 不时留给妇女解决。执行保护妇女的法律至关重要, 通过并强制执行国家法律, 大家一起来制止侵害妇女的暴力行为 。