Ireland: this damned Emerald Isle. I can sincerely admit I love to hate and hate to love my new home country. Ireland has an international reputation of being the heart of every party - always merry and always drunk. But what's the truth? How is the life in Ireland, for real?

BlogExpat approached me a few weeks back, asking if I would like to share my immigrant story on their website. Well, of course! My rants about the ups and downs of a Finnish migrant's life in Ireland is now live:

In other news regarding my presence on the world wide web, I have now officially expanded my social media cavalcade with a Twitter account. I honestly never thought this day would come, but I'm actually pretty excited about it already! It's not my personal Twitter as much as it's a platform to share my blog's content and other immigrant stories. Check it out by clicking the photo below:
It's November in Ireland and 15 °C inside: I'm currently wearing Alex's harem pants as a scarf around my neck. Desperate times ask for desperate measures. I swear I can almost see my breath!
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