Ginger haired vixen Laura Meadows is a professional actress, singer, and storyteller. While it's discernible that Laura has the voluptuous figure to amply mesmerise she's flourishing in her multifarious flair in all forms of entertainment. She has appeared in numerous television shows, movies, web-series, music videos, commercials, and infomercials. She is also a model for national ad campaigns. The human experience of acting is what makes her tick. She is a talent who is willing to push boundaries. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which characters have you acted with your strengths at having the voluptuous figure?
With my voluptuous figure, I have often been asked to be Jessica Rabbit. Around Halloween no matter what I wear someone always says great Elvira! In addition, I've been compared to Mae West and Anna Nicole Smith Whom one of her fashion designers is a friend of mine. He expressed that she and I were the same dress size.

Which role challenges you the most? Which roles/characters inspires you?
It's always the most challenging and rewarding when the role has teeth and you are asked to express true emotions of grief and sorrow. I want to express emotions that people can identify with and help them to heal.
Do you prefer to act in movies or TV shows?
I enjoy working on tv and movies equally. For me, acting is an outward expression of my creativity rather than an inward express such as my visual artwork.

What makes you enjoy acting?
With acting, I feel the adrenaline surge through me and it lets me know I'm alive. I also want to leave a lasting record of who I am.
Which are the boundaries that you have pushed and succeeded?
Boundaries I have pushed and exceeded are the human experience of what makes us cry, scream and laugh.