Mitxel Gonzalez is an Art Director and designer specialized on t-shirt and apparel design. During more than fifteen years he has worked with internationally known brands like Disney, L’Oreal, Volcom, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Lexi&Bö and much others companies. Mitxel is self-employed and he works for companies and clothing brands from all over the world. Apart from this, he has a handful of online stores where he sells his designs in different supports as clothing, phone cases, and art prints. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you work with Graphic Designers and Pattern Designers from all around the world?
I'm a self-employed art director and apparel designer so I do not work with designers, in fact, I work directly with apparel brands. I know to speak English, French, Spanish and Basque so I work with brands from all over the world via the Internet.
Who are the internationally known brands other than Disney and L’Oreal have you worked with?
For instance, I've worked for Lexi&Bö Streetwear for Scuba Divers, Jart Skateboards, Legion Headwear, between many other brands.
Why is featuring your designers' biography and profile (such as where they're from, origin, Backgrounds, Inspiration, Works) useful?
A designer's profile with a good portfolio is quite useful to show your work and get new customers. I get most of my clients via the Internet, they see my personal website, social media and online design stores and they contact me directly.
How many different online stores do you own?
For me, the quality of the products where my designs are printed is very important and I only sell my designs in the best online places in the world.
Currently, I'm selling my designs in these online stores:
DesignbyHümans // Clothing, Phone cases and Art Prints
ArtsCase // Phone cases
Teespring // Clothing
Teepublic // Clothing, Phone cases and Art Prints
Society6 // Clothing, Phone-Tablet-Laptop cases and Art Prints
Which is your bestselling products and services?
I have many designs on sale so I get a lot of monthly sales on different kinds of merchandise. I sell many apparels as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops. Also, I'm selling phone and tablet covers, art prints and home decoration stuff as throw pillows, shower curtains, carpets, etc.
What are your expertise and background?
I have experience working as a designer, illustrator, and art director for about twenty years. I've worked with internationally known brands and for advertising agencies from all over the world. I have a special eye for commercial and pop culture trends I have enabled to not only make other brands successful, but also create and sell my own t-shirt designs in my own online design stores.
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