Our guest today is Tracy Weaver from Overland Park, Kansas. He is the VP of Strategy for REI USA and published author of many books. We have conducted an interview with him.
What led you to writing self-help books?
I was racing forward in my professional career. Big time management consulting gigs, flying through the corporate world, etc. I hit a wall and found that I was really struggling to “advance” in a way that made sense and also fit with my values and work/life balance. I was missing some core “life lessons” and I realized that I needed to learn some of the “soft skills” needed to survive and advance in the business world.
How did you overcome those challenges?
I started reading all the best literature available. I took classes, I subscribed to online courses, all of that. I also found a few good mentors to coach me through those areas of need. I invested more than 200 hours on any given topic, and once I was able to apply it in my own life AND successfully coach it, I knew I had it mastered.

What do you want to share with people in the same situation today?
There is ALWAYS a solution, and in almost every instance it’s an internal solution. If you know that you’re lacking some key tools in your personal tool chest, you aren’t alone. Confidence, assertiveness, motivation, goals…all these are things that I or others can help you with, and may be as easy as reading the right material that “speaks” to you correctly.

What inspires you the most in writing your books?
Tracy Weaver has been there before. Looking back at my own struggles and how I’ve overcome those…that’s inspiring. Also, knowing that in just a short read I can impact the lives of others, that’s inspiring as well. I love to help others, and this is an easy outlet to do just that.
Any final thoughts for people considering one of your books?
If you’re thinking about it, just do it! Get busy and start learning. My books are a great intro to any of the subjects that you want to learn more about, and I’m confident that you’ll get value out of them.