blog_elaine_spaceOur language can be complicated. The same word can be used to mean many different things, and the word “space” is one such word. We attempt to understand “space” as we stand under a night sky contemplating the enormity and mystery of the far distance stars. Space can be perceived as a nearly unfathomable distance away.

One can experience an entirely different perspective of “space” when cradling a sleeping child in your arms. This “space” is a closeness that allows for the experience of awe and wonder of future possibilities in shared fleeting moments.

Many times people say they “need space,” often as a request or declaration of the need for distance, time alone or seclusion. Space is often perceived as a distance, whether near or far.

We all need space for rest, for contemplation, for renewal and for clarity. We have erected partitions in our minds, in our offices and in our lives that appear to separate us from one another, whether through the illusion of a flimsy cubicle wall or the walls of space we place between us in our minds and hearts.

I would like to share with you a different concept of “Space,” one in which there is an invitation of inclusion rather than a barrier of separation. We all need Space. This Space has the potential to open the doors of possibilities and concepts that we have yet been privy to, and this Space is all around us. There is no distance greater than our self-limiting perspectives, our cultural thinking, and our sometimes misguided, fiercely protected ideas of our selves. What if we were to become aware of the Space that has always been present, silently awaiting our ability to accept Its’ invitation.

The Space I am speaking of is present in the most densely populated cities, in remote areas of the globe, in every conversation spoken, every email written and every gathering both large and small. It is in our thinking, in our words and in our actions. It is everywhere, yet it often remains unknown – until we enter into a shift in perspective. When a shift of perspective occurs you will never see the world or one another quite the same way again. This Space opens us to new concepts, ideas, insights, and solutions with Its’ joyful invitation to create anew, to use the fuel of the Love that we are to take benevolent Action for all.

Creation is creating constantly, finding solutions, redirecting forces, and literally moving mountains in tiny increments that are nearly imperceptible. Space can do that too, moving us closer to one another if we are willing to remove our straightjackets of limiting thoughts and free our Minds and Hearts to create collaboratively for the common good.

The other evening I entered my home with my Mind full of the things I felt I needed to accomplish. I stood at the kitchen sink preparing a meal for some friends and myself. And then the invitation came. A sound caught my attention and my heart leaped with a knowing of who was calling to me. I stopped to listen and I found myself entering a new Space. I heard the call again and stepped outside into the crisp night air and listened. “Whoo-whoo,” echoed through me in the silence of the evening as I followed Its call. I was entering a Space of inclusion, of shifted awareness and the language was known to me. I was invited into a greater Space than my thoughts, as I stood on the patio and listened to the Great Owl’s call. “Come outside, little one,” was the song my Heart heard. “Know that you are not alone, We share this World with you, and we know Her secrets. Join us in experiencing Space that is inclusive and whole.” I entered the Space of a Being as important as myself, a silent watcher of Humanity.

After a time I went back inside, and cleaning the spinach for the salad, I knew I was not wise enough to create the Space for this plant to grow, so that I could be nourished by It and continue Living.

We must all learn to enter into a different Space, to broaden our Perspectives and our Lives. What we need is already before us. Hold it in your hands and your Heart will enter the Space of Unity and know that we are truly all in this together.


About Elaine M. Grohman

Elaine Grohman
Elaine M. Grohman, CHTP, APP, ATP

I teach people how to establish and maintain a direct connection to our Living Earth, literally helping us to “stand on solid ground.” Body. Mind. Spirit. And Emotions. This provides an understanding that there are simple things that can be done every day, throughout the day, to loosen the grip of worn out thinking, unhealthy beliefs and limiting emotions. Healing is an inside job and we need healthy thinking and actions to influence our choices so that we can begin to heal our world and ourselves.

I can introduce you to who you really are – so that you can begin to loosen the ties that have held you back from healing on many levels. Life is a beautiful Gift.

Elaine is author of the books:
The Angels and Me
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