The problem of unwanted animals was descrbed in many research papers.
The Animal Care Society was formed in October 2000 to address the concerns of people who care about animals in Cork City and County. Up to 8000 unwanted dogs and cats are born every year in this county and more than two thirds of these animals end up on the streets, starving and in misery, or they are put down by the local pounds that deal with unwanted animals.
In 1999, 1370 dogs and hundreds more pups, kittens and cats were euthanised in one Cork City pound alone and little or no effort was made to re-home any of them. Neither was any effort made to find temporary foster homes for animals in need of emergency housing.
ACS was founded with the aim of providing an alternative to the situation which currently exists. We are a positive proactive society which concentrates on educating people on all aspects of responsible pet ownership. This coupled with actual hands-on rescue work and our low cost spay/neuter program provides direct help to people and animals who need it.
Our Pet Connection scheme, already up and running, puts people who want to find a pet in touch with others who want to re-home them. Our lost and found service provides a focal point for people who have lost a pet and tries to re-unite pet and owner.
ACS believes passionately in education. Only by teaching our children at a young age about responsible pet ownership will we be able to lay the foundation for a more compassionate future generation of pet owners.
This modality was developed by Healing Touch practitioner and instructor Carol Komitor, who drew on her background as a veterinary technician to create a system specifically designed to treat animals’ energy fields.
HTA is an energy-based therapy that combines philosophies, techniques and applications promoting energy balance and healing for our animals. Using bio-field therapies – recognized by the National Institutes of Health – Healing Touch for Animals helps to integrate, balance and clear the energy body. It works by releasing endorphins to establish a deep relaxation, allowing the physical body to function at its peak.
By allowing muscles to relax, HTA treatments increase circulation, sending more oxygen, nutrients and hormones into the body to support healing. HTA works on all levels of the body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. HTA treatments can assist with injuries, illness, surgery, wound healing, behavioral problems and stress-related issues.
The practice of Healing Touch for Animals encourages a cooperation with traditional and holistic care, but is not a substitute for veterinary medicine.
The techniques are largely based on Healing Touch for humans – the energy-based modality that has been recognized throughout the human medical community since 1989. The concepts taught in HTA apply to every animal— large or small, pet or exotic, bird, mammal, reptile or aquatic. Like Reiki and other modalities, HTA can be offered either in person or long-distance.
ACS Phone number: 021-4551781
Please note that our phone line is redirected to the ACS volunteer on duty. If you get an answering machine, please leave a msg and we will get back to you.
We are a registered charity - CHY 14199