There are many things that are irksome in life, but for me, it has to be a cold. A cold gets me every time. There is nothing more irksome and annoying than having a cold.

Honestly, I think it is a disgusting disease to have. Not to mention the actual pain my nose has to bear. And I was down with a cold this past week. I got nothing done. I couldn’t hear, talk, or smell. Whenever I have a cold I turn into a monster who hates the rest of mankind who breathe normally.


A cold is something very annoying. When you are sick, like you have a fever or even a headache you tend to sleep it off and get better. Or you are really sick with something serious and you don’t remember most of you agony. But a cold is a state of torture. It doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you live through your suffering. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Your eyes burn, your head aches, your ears are blocked, and your throat gets scratchy. These all add to the suffering that your gazillion sneezes have already induced. Like my grandmother says, “if you take a pill for a cold you get cured in 7 days, if you don’t it takes a week to get well”.

Misery loves company. And through my misery of a cold, books have kept me company. I haven’t studied in a week, so there is a whole lot to get done. I read some fiction though, one of which I blogged about(here). The other was a series, I will review it later. And of course, I re-read Don Quixote!