The other day I was driving in a very busy area of the city centre. With parked cars along each side of the narrow road, I was trying to find a spot and people running across the streets making the situation even more stressful.

The car in front of me was driving very slowly and I saw she too was searching for a place to park. When she saw a place she stopped. I was pretty close but managed turn the car to drive past her. She then started to reverse without looking around. I had to honk or she would have bumped in to my car, and when I did she started to wave her hands, yelling and pointing and gesturing with her hand at her head as if I was the most stupid driver in the world. Driving past I asked her why on earth she was so angry! She then continued to reverse her car and was very close to hit me in the side. I yelled at her to calm down, but she did not listen and shouted that she would by purpose hit me swearing at me all the time.

When I finally parked my car a bit further up the road I went over to talk to her. She was remaining seated in her parked car. Seeing me approaching her, apprehended, she started swearing at me again and told me that she was not afraid of me. It was when I leaning over to talk to her that I saw an icon on her dash board. An Icon of Mary and Baby Jesus.

I pointed at it and asked her, `What is this? Why do you have it?´ She said: `Jesus is in my heart, Jesus is my life´.

I said: ´Forgive me but I can't see that in your behaviour, I don't think you have Jesus in your heart, if you have Jesus at all, he is only on your car sticker, that's all. I truly believe you need to receive Jesus in to your heart and repent´. I doubt if she understood what receiving Jesus in her heart meant, and repent for that matter as well.

I am not saying that I did everything right, nor am I saying that I always make the right decisions but what I do know is that people normally are not impressed by what we say, but they are by what we do, if we do the right thing...