Has Valentine’s Day ever felt like a forced holiday created by greeting card companies? If so, you aren't alone. 

Here are some facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • Average spent on Valentine's Day ---- $13,290,000,000, $116.21 per person
  • Greeting cards exchanged ---- 180 million
  • Couples that get engaged ---- 6 million
  • Number of children conceived---- 11,000
  • Women who end a relationship if they don't get a gift ----53%

Gifts most often given on Valentine’s Day:

  • Candy
  • Flowers
  • Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Dining / Eating out
  • Clothing
  • Gift Cards
  • Other Gifts

The number of women who end relationships because they don’t get a gift surprised me. I have never considered ending a relationship because I didn’t get a gift. Perhaps the relationship wasn’t that good to start with. Relationships are about more than material items.

Most adults can remember the magic of the holidays; impatiently waiting to open our presents, shaking each one trying to guess the contents. Many hours spent under the Christmas tree transfixed by the shiny, twinkling lights. The carefree, simple time of childhood allowed us to be in the moment and savor the experience.

Remember the joy of receiving Valentine’s Day treats in school and how grown up you felt to discover that Jimmy or Susie liked you.

We grow up and the innocent veil of childhood is replaced with reality. We discover that Santa Claus is pretend; real life isn’t magical, nor is it a greeting card or a Norman Rockwell painting. Real life is jobs, stress, kids, chores and not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that you need to accomplish.

Flowers die, candy is fattening, most of us own more jewelry than we can wear and who needs another stuffed teddy bear? Do we have room in our homes for more stuff?

The best gifts I have received from my husband?

  • A floral silk bouquet still displayed in our living room.
  • A gorgeous Native American lithograph painting that hangs in our home.

These gifts remind me every day that my husband took the time to think of me and pick them.

Gifts given for no reason are even more special. Thoughtful loving gestures don’t have to happen just because the calendar tells us too.

Once, my hubby picked up my car from work, got it serviced, washed, waxed and returned without saying a word. Imagine my surprise when I got in my car and found it sparkling clean! Can you imagine the grin on my face and how special I felt?

I’m sure you have many examples of such gifts from your significant other. Those are the moments that matter.

Long ago a friend and her husband were having a rough patch and couldn’t afford much for holidays. This friend made the holiday special; they cooked a special meal and had dinner by candlelight. Her kids remember this time and still talk about it. They could have been disappointed and made one another unhappy but they made the best of it.

So, are holidays like Valentine’s Day all hype? Holidays are what you make of them. Holidays aren’t about the gifts or the food although those are nice. The people in our lives, love and generosity make a holiday special. We need to slow down and not try to make everything perfect, it’s impossible and causes undue stress. Will your kids remember how the house was decorated? Other than the sparkling tree and wrapped gifts, probably not.

We all want to be a priority to our loved ones and treated like kings and queens. It brings a smile to our face when we receive gifts.

Once, I made chocolate dipped strawberries and heart-shaped pancakes for my husband and he loved it.

Relationships are all about communication. Don’t expect your partner to read your mind; if unsure, talk to each other to avoid any disappointment and hurt feelings.

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So, what are your thoughts? Has your significant other ever surprised you? Please share.