If you’re like me you love to eat good food. If you’re like me, you also like to eat some bad food every now and then…heh. Now without causing a debate on wether pizza is good or bad (it can be either depending on the pizza), if you’re like me…you absolutely love pizza! That said, I think there is an overabundance of pizza places and despite my love for it, have to ask…isn’t there enough pizza?

   I was thinking the other day about all the great places I have eaten at in the past and realize many of them are no longer around. worse than that, some of them have been replaced by pizza places. Obviously I have no objection to eating pizza, however when a great place that made great food is replaced with…pizza, I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the universe.

   I used to go to Bennington VT. every year for a weekend to get away from the grind city life makes you engage in, and in that quaint little town there used to be a place called Alldays and Onions. It was at the restaurant that I was introduced to pan-seared trout. It was one of the absolute best dishes I have ever had, so much so that I began to make it at home. You can imagine my disappointment upon a return to Bennington years later to find out that I would not be having pan-seared trout, but instead could order a…pizza.

   I travel to the Cape (Cape Cod for those not in the know) often now, especially in the summer to go fishing. Before I fancied myself a Gorton’s fisherman, my travels to the area were sporadic at best….until I discovered a place called KK Codders in Falmouth MA. The fish was so good, I would make trips all the way there just to get a bucket of fried fish. Can you imagine taking a drive for nearly an hour with your mouth watering for the food that awaits you at the end of your journey? So…you can imagine my disappointment one day when I called down there to get the operating hours (it would suck to drive all that way and they weren’t even open) and the person that answered the phone told me that the restaurant is now a….pizza place.


   Ok…I know some fabulous places to get pizza and in the defense of Bennington, it’s a small town and probably didn’t have a pizza place…and in defense of the Cape, it’s on the water and there are a LOT of places that sell seafood so somebody probably thought it was genius to stop competing in that arena and go the pizza route, but man…I miss that pan-seared trout and bucket of fried fish!