All night the issue of abortion has been in my mind. One side of the issue claiming the importance of a woman's freedom of choice and the other side of the issue claiming the sanctity of life. I don't see the argument here.

Assuming the woman with an unwanted pregnancy was not raped....she made a choice. She decided to engage in sexual activity. And whenever someone makes that choice they may become pregnant. They may not have chosen to have a child but that is one of the main reasons for engaging in sexual relations after all. Even using birth control leaves some chance that a pregnancy can happen. So to me the CHOICE of having sexual intercourse is the choice we need to look at not the result of that choice.

Every choice in life is going to have a result. In fact, our life is made up of the choices we've made and make on a daily basis. What choice does an unborn baby have? Who speaks for him/her? Does he/she have a right to live? There are so many people wanting to adopt. There are so many agencies created to help. Let us rethink this issue over and really see that it's not an issue of choice it is an issue of responsibility. We have the choice to be celibate, use birth control and realize that we may become pregnant. If we do it becomes a choice to be responsible for the truth.

Grace and Peace,