view from the top of the hill photo: top of hill, tree springsummer08049.jpg

Move over soon ~ the young need space to grow.
It’s getting time to pass the torch . . .

And you must pass it on, don’t worry . . . you just

have to let go!  And when you do . . . go find your way

to the top of a hill. Stand there and look out far. 

See how your one life has blessed the earth,

this beautiful earth that has been your home.

Sing your song to the wind ~ let it fly wild once more.

Touch the earth with your hands and feel the pulse

of the soft mother under foot.  This has been your time.

In the span of creation, what footprints will you leave?

How many paths have you carved through the mountain

of struggle?  How many trees have you marked so that others

might find their way?

Then come down and walk on the stones you have laid.

Tell your stories and the things you have learned. 

Tell of the Great Spirit who lit your way so many times

through the dark nights, till you finally opened your eyes.

Tell the Young Ones of hope, and the journey, and not to despair

for it truly does take a lifetime to make a human heart.

Joanne Cucinello© 2016