Its been a while I should say, many things have happened since my last entry in July, and unfortunately instead of following thru with my plan to get fit I have gained all my weight back to where I had started. We have begun a brand new year and not being able to fit in my size 4 pants is no fun, so as many of us my new years resolution will be to go back to my ideal weight 115-120.

I went to the doctor a couple of days ago, to my shock I am almost 150, 147 pounds to be exact. I seem to have lost the interest to many things in my life recently, including the drive and motivation to live a fit healthy lifestyle. As we began the New year yesterday some of my coworkers brought up the idea to start a Loss weight, get fit challenge and reality hit me, the motivation I had been needing.

I start today, its always difficult to start all over again. To break the binge eating and the laziness routine I have been living for months now. So far so good, I had my protein shake and I have been doing some cardio with my new PS4, I bought the Let's Dance 2015 game and I been dancing off my calories away.  I truly hope I stick to it this time around. Wish me luck my readers, I will truly need it.