Sometimes, new terminology can make something fun (like jewelry shopping) into something stressful. Well, have no fear! This blog is dedicated to some of the most common gold jewelry terminology you will see and hear when shopping for loved ones.

Pure of Heart…and Gold

Most people are familiar with the term Karat (KT), which refers to the purity of gold. The purest piece of gold jewelry you can get is 24 KT gold (24/24 parts gold). However, this tends to be too soft, so most often you will see 18 KT gold jewelry. Do not confuse this with Carat. They are not the same thing. While Karat refers to the purity of gold, Carat is a measure of weight used for gemstones equal to 200 milligrams. Both words are important to know, depending on what kind of jewelry you’re shopping for.

Mix It Up!

When you have an alloy of gold, it is a mixture of gold and another metal. This is done to make it more durable as gold is rather soft. In addition, the color of gold depends on the other metals in the alloy (copper, for example).

Yellow Gold: While gold is naturally yellow, pure gold is too soft for jewelry. So, copper and silver are added to create the yellow gold that we see most often.
White Gold: Also an alloy, we get white gold when we combine gold with silver and nickel, and then plate it with rhodium.
Rose Gold: A quite lovely variation, rose gold is made by combining natural yellow gold with a copper alloy.

Sometimes, you will see a piece of jewelry that is Goldplate or Gold Plated. This means that there is a very thin layer of gold covering a base metal.

At L.A. Jewelry Creations, we pride ourselves in providing a variety of gold colors in a variety of styles, sure to touch the heart of every gift recipient. We’ll throw some more terminology your way down the line, stay tuned!