The second quarter of this year has been a whirlwind! And life changing as well! On June 1st, I officially joined Mod Mom Furniture as president, and a whole new journey had began. You can read some more details about the announcement at Furniture Today, and Kids Today.

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New York: Moon Ho, Robert Petril, and Kiersten Parsons Hathcock

Since we joined forces, Mod Mom/CEO Kiersten Parsons Hathcock and I have traveled to over 15 cities from coast to coast. Our mission has been to study the market up close and personal, and to spread the Mod Word about what's coming new in the near future. Along the way we saw so many awesome things, and met with so many amazing and inspiring people!

Now we're rolling up our sleeves, and beginning a very ambitious expansion at Mod Mom Furniture. The plan is to strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, as well as introduce some very exciting new youth products and categories. We're designing now, and the pencils are flying! We can't wait to share it all with you as the journey continues, and the new products come to life. I'm going to try and blog as much of the process as I can.

Las Vegas, Lexington: Robert Petril, Kiersten Parsons Hathcock, & Tommy Leflein

In addition to the youth categories at Mod Mom, we'll also be launching a brand new adult seating collection we're currently calling "Mod Life". This new collection will feature my own signature seating designs, as well as others from world class designers around the globe! So many exciting things to come! I hope you'll follow along our fantastic journey, and offer any and all feedback in the comments below. 

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Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years. You know who you are! Be back soon with more fun Mod stay tuned :)

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