It's Hey, Okay Tuesday is here again. (Remember Glamour Magazine and Airing My Laundry)

So, I'm trying to think of what's okay today...

Still thinking...

Really reaching for this one because there is so much 'not okay' today!

I got it! It's okay that the thought of Trump becoming president makes my skin crawl.

It's okay that my brother called me a village idiot because Trump makes my skin crawl.

It's okay that my brother unfriended me on Facebook because he apparently doesn't want village idiots on his team.

It's okay that I haven't finished the quilt for baby Kassie, who arrived this morning at 7:42. I've been sick and don't want my cold-kooties on the quilt.

It's okay that it is still raining and raining and raining and raining and raining.

It's okay that I took an extra 5 minutes in the shower this morning to just be 'one with the water'!

It's okay that I am tossing out so much stuff that used to mean so much to me, though, to save my life, I can't remember why half of it was important.

It's okay that I still feel scared, angry and disgusted about our president-elect.

It's okay that I'm not going to 'get over it' like my conservative family and friends demand.

Well, hell! It just doesn't feel like It's Okay Tuesday, does it?