In most civilized places, city code requires dog owners to clean up after their dog poops on the ground! This means you carry a plastic bag with you (at all times!) when you take your dog out; you pick up the fecal matter off the ground or grass, secure the baggy and dispose of it in the nearest waste receptacle! Failure to abide by the leash law and dog feces cleanup law is a Class 4 misdemeanor.

Besides being a law, cleaning up after your dog is a well-known social etiquette among communities & pet owners, not to mention all the possible diseases people can contract from sitting or playing in areas soiled by animal waste. So why is it that so many dog owners insist on ignoring this responsibility?

Here are some additional reasons to consider for cleaning up after your dog:

•Dog waste transmits bacteria and viruses including, tapeworm, roundworm, E. Coli, Parvo and more.
•Canine fecal matter is a top contributor to storm water pollution.
•Waste matter accumulation can negatively affect your health and your children’s health, especially if they play in the same areas.
•Dog waste cannot be used as a fertilizer due its chemical make-up.
•A pile can take a year or more to fully break down.
•Dog waste accumulation attracts mice and parasites.
•Dogs can be found in 3 out of 5 households in the U.S. That's a lot of poop!

If none of these are good enough reasons for you to take action, then let me put it into perspective...

In the last four years I've ruined several pairs of shoes walking in parks and around my neighborhood grassy areas. I've also confronted a few dog owners for deliberately trying to leave their dog's crap on the ground. I’ve stood & watched owners as they deviously shifted their eyes left-right to see if anyone was looking at them, and then quickly leave the scene of the crime! Arrrggghhhh! I cannot tell you how infuriating this is!

If you are one of “those” dog owners, YOU HAVE TO PICK UP His/Her SH*T!!! You are NOT Exempt from this rule! Don't make me pick it up for you ‘cause I will bring it to your house and nail it to your front door!!!

Now, is that clear enough for ya???