It turns out half-baked sports tattoo bets aren’t exclusive to derelicts who have little to lose. Cy Young Award winners are taking part in them as well.

Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta and third baseman Tommy La Stella wagered on the outcome of the TCU-Coastal Carolina matchup in the College World Series. The Chanticleers beat the Horned Frogs on back-to-back days so now Arrieta has to get a Coastal Carolina tattoo.

La Stella is rehabbing an injury down in Triple-A so this should cheer him up a bit. He told reporters the event would be recorded for public viewing if the ink is on a “visually acceptable” part of the body.

I have to admit, this is fairly stunning news to process. Can Arrieta’s #brand handle a tattoo devoted to a directional school he didn’t even attend? How will this affect his underwear modeling?

This hardly seems like a fair bet. No offense to La Stella, but he could get a Nathan’s Hot Dog tattoo on his forearm and no one would care. But Arrieta’s body? Man, that’s a temple.