When we discuss the impact internet has on our society in today’s world, there are always multiple opinions thrown in multiple directions. But what are we really discussing? There are so many concepts to the term “society” that each one should be considered while on the topic of technological evolution. Concepts like communication, everyday life, and the economy could be considered when accounting for the change the internet has brought about. After all,” The Internet has changed business, education, government, healthcare, and even the ways in which we interact with our loved ones—it has become one of the key drivers of social evolution.” (Dentzel) So, which concept of society are we truly focusing on when we discuss the impact the internet has on us as a society?

Well, I guess I should ask you first, though, which area of your life does the internet effect most? After all, we as humans are the make-up of society. We can name off multiple concepts of society for the next hour, but that is not necessary. Without all of our individual lives, there would be no society anyhow. So, if we are the reason for the cultivation of society, shouldn’t we get to decide how the internet impacts us? So, choose a concept of society, or your life, and decide for yourself how the internet impacts that area. Like I said, there are always going to be multiple opinions tossed around when discussing the internet in such a technological world, so you might as well decide that impact for your own version of “society.”

At the same time, you get to decide whether that impact on your life is negative or positive. Everyone is different, everyone’s daily tasks are different, and therefore, everyone’s impact from the internet is different. For me personally, when I wake up I roll over to a bright screen and use my touch screen to push “snooze”, jam to the song I heard on the radio the night before on YouTube while I am in the shower, and then drill away at my online classes first thing when I get to school. These impacts the internet has on my everyday life are positive, you see, but the busy business woman who cannot focus because her child has been cyber-bullied for the past month receives a negative impact from the internet.

Overall, the internet, in modern day, effects almost every aspect of society. But, as individuals in a large, international society, each person is effected by the internet in a different way. So many concepts of society allow so many opinions to arouse when discussing technological impact. When we focus on one or the other, our own opinions might even sway from negative to positive. The impact that the internet has on our world today is such a broad topic, for it engulfs so many areas of life. But, my challenge to you is to consider your individual life. Consider what areas of your life involve the internet, and weigh whether that impact is negative or positive. Our world will never see a day when the internet is not of existence again, but we as humans can alter how it effects our lives, and all of those individual lives put together make up our beautiful, complex, and technological society.


Dentzel, Zaryn. “How the Internet Has Changed Everyday Life.” Open Mind. Web. 31 Oct. 2016.