Position: Inside Edge Baseball Operations Intern

Location: Minneapolis

Inside Edge Scouting Services specializes in data capture and analytics down to the finest details of every Major League game. Major League clubs, media, and other clients subscribe to our real-time pitch-by-pitch data, custom-tailored reports, and advanced analytic tools to gain an edge on their competition. We provide a fun, fast-paced work environment and an opportunity to get started on a career in baseball and differentiate yourself from other job seekers. Past interns have gone on to positions with both Major League clubs and media organizations.

Baseball Operations Intern: Candidates filling this position will gain valuable experience with technologies and processes increasing their qualifications to work in baseball and the broader sports industry. Hires can expect to begin training March 12. Interns will need to make a commitment to working most nights, weekends, and holidays over the course of the season.


  • Participate in a rigorous training program before the season starts.
  • Use Inside Edge software to enter and crosscheck live pitch and scoring data.
  • Mark actions to be reviewed by supervisors.
  • Add, review, and update qualitative player notes.
  • Review video replay ensuring integrity of charted data.
  • Update internal Inside Edge logs and databases.
  • Generate end of game reports.

While in-depth training will be provided, candidates need a strong understanding of both the basics and subtleties of baseball games, and will be required to quickly and accurately recognize pitch types, locations, and scoring data.

To Apply:
To apply, please email Andrew Pautz at pautz@inside-edge.com.