The sun-burnt isle of Tenerife provides a lot of touristy sights you should look at. In the event that you would like to experience something exceptional, incredible and unreal although, the most effective spot to really go is certainly the Teide volcano.

Measured to the very best in the foundation, Teide is the next highest volcano on the planet. Oh, but it formed a huge caldera and had been even larger until it fell some few hundred-thousand years back. The entire caldera has become a national park, as well as a just shielded one as rsquo & there;s lots of creatures as well as plants. It's possible for you to see with a number of its own parts however, rsquo & there;s plenty of trekking trails. There's also a cable-car to the very best of the volcano, see details below. !

as soon as I got to Teide caldera the initial time, it immediately reminded me of photos of Mars I’ve noticed. Really, the region around nbsp & Teide;therefore strongly resembles states that their rovers are even tested by  scientific researchers !

It’s worth saying that Teide is nevertheless an active volcano and its newest& nbsp. Human settlements were ruined by it rather lots of its well-known and of that time period  casualty is the city of Garachico in the North. The 1706 eruption totally ruined the entire town, as well as its port.


Getting to Teide volcano:

  • By automobile: there’s a route in the South to the North of Tenerife which passes all the way through the Teide Countrywide Park (here’SA map).
  • By community transportation: consider a community transportation TITSA bus to Teide from Puerto d-e manhunter Cruz or Las Americas (details are available here).
  • Using a tour: a couple of excursions will t-AKE one to Teide caldera (throughout the day or for star gazing) by bus or personal vehicle. You may buy a tour  at 16 euro, the costs begin in any large town in Tenerife.

Remaining in Teide Countrywide Park:

  • a mountain safety called Alta Vista is located close to the cable automobile to Teide. You can remain there for optimum 1 evening although it’s an average recourse with dormitories. You have to  prior to going, particularly on week ends, make a booking!
  • second choice is Parador d e las Canadas resort, bit farther in the cable car. Here is it charges around 100 euro per chamber and the sole resort on Teide.


Things you can do in Teide Countrywide Park

Here’SA whole lot of trendy suggestions to your journey!

Choose the cable-car to Teide

Isn’t seeing with an energetic volcano fascinating?! A cable car ticket charges 27 euro and it’s finest to buy it on the web ahead as the line to the ticketbooth gets rather long. Guests or the amount per day is bound. Purchasing a ticket doesn’t warranty the rise, as the cable car runs just during good weather states (but you don’t need certainly to worry about that throughout summer time months). !

Trek the Teide mountain! !

There’s a path called Telesforo Bra-Vo from Manhattan Project Rambleta which it is possible to take. SIGNIFICANT: you necessitate a license to go to Pico del Teide which you can get for free here, publication it a few months before the hike. It’s recommended to scale up the Teide early each day to determine the dawn from the summit.

The level rise isn’t enormous but bear in brain it’s a difficult hike. There’s less oxygen at 3700 metres and people who have heart or lung issues may even experience altitude illness. !


Trek around Teide caldera

It's possible for you to locate a record of courses here. Oh, and when you don’t need to cope with every one of the flap of having licenses etc, you'll be able to only reserve an exclusive tour here.

Look at the observatory

Teide’s observatory mainly studies the sunlight as the states here are ideal all-year round (Teide is generally more as opposed to clouds). You begin to see the research workers at function and can find out about the science occurring on Teide! Learn about seeing the Teide observatory here.



It is a should-do on Tenerife In every city you may get a tour that may take one to Teide caldera at night, let you see the amazing sunset and then, when the evening falls, enhance telescopes and reveal you planets and constellation.

It is possible to additionally  keep in a resort or safety, only get to Teide by auto and revel in the stars. It’s an encounter, difficult to describe. The crater is among the darkest spots on Earth and it is possible to view an amazing number of stars and the Milky-Way. Make sure you pack warm clothing as it gets really chilly up there, even throughout the summertime!