Many of us have either invested in land, purely for investment purpose, or received a land parcel as ancestral property. Everyone wants to make a return from his/her land. This return could traditionally be made by selling the land after price appreciation. But in current real estate market, with limited liquidity, the demand for such land purchases have come down. Another option for the landowner is to develop or construct a property on this land and sell completed apartments or office space. But it takes a lot of resources in terms of manpower and finance for building one’s project. Many times this project cannot be realised because of unavailability of manpower, finance or expertise. These days, banks have started offering loans at relatively lenient terms and conditions. There still remains a lot of paperwork, which requires time and skills for a layman to successfully get a loan sanctioned. It is difficult to fully understand the process and get it done in a timely manner. Availability of finance, manpower and expertise are difficult to find among trustworthy people/builders. People always hesitate in approaching builders, scared that they may get cheated and end up losing their land to land mafia. Neither do they have information of reputed builders nor skills to bargain, that can fetch them a good offer. A common man often wonders if his/her land could be developed with minimum or no physical involvement and financial outlay.

In this situation of mayhem, there is nothing that can match the feeling of getting things done for free and without bearing the pain to get the work done. Sounds interesting?

Conversion or in technical term “Joint Venture”, is a new and hybrid structure wherein a landowner and builder sign an agreement for getting the land transformed at mutually agreed commercial terms. In this structure, the landowner receives a share in the completed property, for example, few apartments or offices, depending on the type of project. On top of this, the landowner is also paid an upfront advance amount at the time of the signing of the agreement. This is a win-win situation for both the stakeholders. The landowner gets his land developed without investing a single penny, receives a cash payment and also participates in the future price appreciation of the property when the construction is completed and the property is sold. The builder gets a chance to complete a project with minimal investment as the major share of a project is land purchase.

Joint venture deals are gaining momentum in real estate arena these days due to sky soaring land prices because of which builders refrain from purchasing lands parcels. But very often it is difficult to find suitable landowner or builder for such a partnership due to unavailability of a suitable platform. A platform that can connect reliable landowners with reputed builders. The future of real estate lies in Joint Venture Deals (#JVDeals).

Understanding the need of a common man as well as the real estate industry, a startup (#JVDeals), have come up with this unique concept and built such a platform. An idea of bringing landowners and reputed builders from across the country on one platform to discuss, share and build. #JVDeals offers a platform offering a solution to both the stakeholders with the utmost professionalism.

The benefit of using the service from this company may be enumerated as:

Benefits to landowners:
a.       Obviation of risks and fear of getting cheated
b.      No skill, contact and time required for getting the dream transformed to reality
c.       The monetary gain in terms of professionally bargained and mutually agreed on conversion rate
d.   Meeting large number of potential builders across the nation with detailed profile, trust seal, and earlier projects to check from, which was impossible earlier
Benefits to builders:
a.   Verified and genuine properties: #JVDeals has a vast network of advocates and associates for verifying land/ properties for its genuineness.
b.      A large number of properties spanning PAN India to choose from.
c.      Interested landowners, ready to get into Joint Venture
d.     Trust seal for builders which will attract landowners helping business expansion
Who should contact:
a.    A person who doesn't have either the time or skills necessary to negotiate with the bank officials or builders can transform their land into landmark by reaching out to this startup.
b.      Builders with a vision to expand PAN India.
c.       People with large land parcels finding it difficult to organise and build.
This platform is going to provide a great opportunity for executing #JVDeals between landowners and builders from different parts of the country with a confidence of genuine properties and trusted builders. This is going to be the Future of Real Estate!
Think Joint Venture! Think Us!