I hope to take my girls to the zoo this weekend. The weather has been so nice. I really want to do something fun with all of my girls. To update you, my oldest is 16, then 13, 11 and of course Gabbi is 5. I have four daughters. I never think too much of it until someone asks how many children I have. Usually  then it hits me. In this day and age it really is a decent sized family. Now if you compare it to my grandmother who had 16 children it's not that big. It is nice having four girls though. I love it.

This fall Gabbi will start Kindergarten. My baby is growing up. I am not sure where the time has gone. She has grown up so fast. Just see how tiny she is here! She was 4 weeks early but healthy! She's still allergic to milk as she always has been, but other than that and a little acid reflux there were no major issues. I'm so thankful for it. I'm looking forward to summer break and spending some real time with my girls before they grow up and move right on out. I may not do so well with the whole empty nest thing. *sigh*