I wasn’t thinking kombucha drinkers when I went to sell my portable beer keg. I was just looking to hone in on my homebrew customers.
Making beer is one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, I’ve been brewing beer in my basement for many years. There is just something special about being able to taste its unique flavors and share them with friends. The only problem is no one wants to lug a giant keg around to parties. I guess that’s what sparked my business. Through Alibaba, I found a producer that made portable kegs, and so I bought two. I made some changes, added some pretty awesome graphics, and posted one up for sale on Amazon. Almost instantly I got three orders. I was out of stock with my first shipment--and that’s how “The Beer Barrel” began. Six months in and we’ve got a working partnership and a growing Amazon business.

In today’s world, every business needs a presence on social media, and “The Beer Barrel” is no exception. Personally, I like to use Facebook ads to target potential customers. Mainly because they’re the number one revenue-generator for online ads, but also because they’re inexpensive. However, with “The Beer Barrel” I am always looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to market. That’s where NUVI comes in. With NUVI’s Audiences I was able to track my Facebook ads, hone in on my potential clients, and see what they talk about online.

What is Audiences?

Audiences is a platform on NUVI that tracks the data from Facebook. If you’re looking to understand your digital audiences, most products will get you everything but Facebook. That means instead of listening to the conversations of 1.44 billion monthly active users, all you get is a social media black hole. NUVI’s Audiences platform grants you access to Facebook’s complete stream of anonymous and aggregated topic data, giving you a veritable digital focus group at your fingertips. It allows you to pull in posts, comments, shares and likes, and then it makes that data come to life.

Back to the Story

When I put my Beer Barrel portfolio up, I looked at the terms I thought my potential audience would be talking about. I was able to follow keywords, such as “beer”, “growler”, “home-made beer”, and “homebrew.”

To my surprise, I found out that a lot of people are talking about something called kombucha, which is basically a homemade, carbonated tea. Prior to the analytics I thought only a select few were interested in using my product for kombucha. I was intrigued by the extent of the interest people had. When I saw the data in Audiences, it sparked an idea that I could also target ads towards these new potential customers. It turned out kombucha is a bigger sector than I even thought existed. I’m excited for the opportunity that Audience’s gave me to tap into a large, hidden pool of people who might be interested in my product.


In my opinion, Audiences is definitely the biggest improvement we’ve made to the NUVI platform. Now we’re able to get insights that are actionable and effective. Through Audiences we have the ability to look into the bigger social network and take advantage of the data. Facebook is an area in which most social media tracking programs lack. It is really exciting and refreshing to utilize NUVI’s Audiences and be the first to see the bigger picture.

Sure, I’m a salesman. The very first NUVI salesman, even. But I’m also an entrepreneur, and I know firsthand the power of the data.