Well you are having friends coming over but one or two of them just eat kosher food so you decide to go kosher for the day. Today we are going to give you some ideas of what to do and where to get all you need for the perfect evening. First you need some entries something nice and simple for a nice welcome to your friends until you wait for the rest or the dinner is not ready or you just want to chat a little bit before eat the big plate.   Entries and snacks      1.Toasted Pumpkin Seeds with Sugar and Spice: This is a delicious unique variation of toasted pumpkin seeds.       Once you start eating them, you won't be able to stop, and you can get this or any other type of pumpkin seed at sincerelynuts.com 2.pecan: These smell like a walk through a county fair, and they taste heavenly 3. granola bars: we just want you to go save and be 100 sure is kosher you can use this and brake then in two. 4.dried fruit: dry fruits, and a wide variety of other healthy snacking options. And there you have your entries or snacks they will give you some extra time if you need it .