The good news is that Norbert Nerdley — you may remember him from last year (December 18, 2015) — was not pressured into producing content for today's post.

The other news is that the Lemming has taken another unannounced vacation: but thoughtfully left a picture, and arranged for Narcissus-X to provide his uniquely-insightful commentary. What follows is from Narcissus-X, artist extraordinary with a penchant for penguins.

/>Penguins in the Night: Narcissus-X Cogitates

Silent sinuous stream; evanescent emanation; brumous band, obscure exhalation under lambent sky!

And did five fumaroles fitfully favor flippant finches? Thrush not for whom the gull toils, it toils four three two one: and done is the mare's nest of quixotic quintile querns.

Yet softly steals the errant mist, and weaves a circle round rippling dreams of penguins in the night.

More, but not less: