Busch Garden is a fun place but man, you  have to be ready to have lots of energy when you go there so you can enjoy exploring without feeling spent lol.  Going on an amusement park is fun especially if you have kids but man, it's a lot of walking.  I am not complaining because walking is the only part that I enjoy because I don't like rides.  
With all the news I see about freak accidents in amusement rides, I have no intention in riding any of these fast and high rides.  
The only ride I  always go to is the  train ride as it is relaxing and not that fast.  You can basically see the whole  place by  riding the  train.  We should have done this when we visited Disney World few years ago but we didn't, we ran out of time.

Here's a short video clip of how much fun you can get in Busch Gardens.

Yes, we did go to Water Country as well.  It was fun although the heat was unbearable.  

I love the landscape at the front, we can't leave without  some photos just because.. it might be the last time we will ever go there.

The entrance booth  is very quaint.

Even the parking lot sign is quite nice.

Leaving the Busch Garden vicinity, we have  seen some places where we could  explore.

We planned on going to this place but we didn't have much time.  Maybe  next time when we visit  Williamsburg again, we will.
There's  so much things to do and see in Williamsburg, Virginia, you just have to have plenty of time and moolah of course.  It was fun for all of us and definitely one memories that we would love to reminisce.  So here you go, our last glimpse of Busch Garden.  It would take years before we could visit again.. or not.