While I was up above in the sky, well, in the plane, I felt very grateful to our Father in heaven as the girls and I were blessed with a great hols! Two weeks abroad, one spent in London with Imo and the second week in Malta with Imo and Cam. Here are a few photos. Last time I went in a plane was in 2012 when Steven and I went to Rome and I enjoyed the experience again!

From the plane 19 Oct Ryanair Poitiers to Stansted

At an Indian restaurant, N3

On the Thursday Imo took me to Hackney city farm established in 1984. Their aim is to give youngsters and local people the opportunity to experience farming. Nearby, there was an exhibition by #Green creates so we had a look. Great stuff!

I particularly liked the pieces above! 
Sadly I realise that if you stop talking about the environment, or recycling for instance, its importance may be forgotten! We travelled by bus in London and we were pleased to notice that more drivers switched off their engines when not on the move. This should have a significant impact on harmful emission levels which build up around stationary traffic. 
More to come...so watch this space!
Have a blessed evening.