Last week, the Dallas Morning News wrote a piece about Texas Rangers reporter Emily Jones and the apparent detente reached on the issue of celebratory postgame dousings. An Elvis Andrus-Robinson Chirinos bath last year left red stains on her white-and-gold dress.

Emily Jones

If such an accord was in place, it was violated Sunday when Rougned Odor grabbed a Powerade bucket and dumped the blue contents on Jones while she was trying to interview Adrian Beltre.

The incident didn’t sit well with Joe Magrane and Jon Heyman, who shared their opinion on MLB Network.

Jones, who was armed only with a can of silly string, herself said she brought a knife to a gunfight. She finished the interview and didn’t appear too upset — a position she confirmed later on Twitter.

Magrane and Heyman were reacting in the moment. Their comments are reflective of many in the public who think it’s rather unprofessional for athletes to treat reporters like this.

Conversely, some have criticized Jones for her involvement in such hi-jinks. The Dallas Morning News article noted that some Fox Sports Southwest viewers expressed an opinion to Jones that the Gatorade baths were a “tired bit.”

The situation is ripe for controversy. Throw in the fact that Jones is a woman and there’s another angle ripe for outrage.

There’s a very simple way to react to this and it doesn’t involve overwrought thinkpieces. A reporter shouldn’t be doused with water if they aren’t okay with it. If they are, however, it’s fair game.

Now, one could make the argument that the Gatorade shower is a worthless tradition — and you might be right. But if no one’s getting hurt — physically or emotionally — then what’s the big deal?

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