Just let them, and do the rest.
"Let them define who you are." My professor in Networking class told us students a month ago. The first time I've heard his story about people misjudging him because of his simplistic appearance left me captive on my own scenarios. I swore I decided to write about this a long time ago I even jotted down his line on my notebook. So much for that, I have realized of some preconceptions I thought people have made of me before I became close with them. Most of the time, I am clearly transparent with the feelings I harbor, and fond of displaying my emotional state through my drawings. Some are tolerable, some are not, depending on how much I contemplate about my life. Here's the deal, I've written some points on how to care less about others' opinion, the ones which neither helps you grow, or inspires you. Set them aside. It's not worth keeping. 

1. It's not your job to impress them.

Back then, when I used to cosplay, I've always kept in mind and daydreamed that a lot of spectators would take pictures on me, hovering all over as I pose endlessly for them that I might not stand a chance to escape or walk away from my current spot. Checking back to reality, I was only one of those hundred cosplayers fighting for the spotlight, with my plain costume and side character. I hardly thought about it, it's not as easy as I wish for some people like me who don't naturally look like an anime character, or doesn't have a knack in putting makeups. I don't have enough money to suffice it for my props and better costumes as well. That was the time I practically gave up on cosplaying. If I have to cosplay now, I'd do it for the sake of my friends who haven't stopped attending conventions until now. Or I'd be pretty much contented attending for the sake of it, I'm still an anime fan by heart. 
By the time I stopped this hobby, I melded more on drawing, and where I'm good at. Drawing was one of my best outlet, be it grudge, motivation, loneliness, rejection, or solitude that I feel. Whenever I post them on my site, I just wanted to burst my feelings out. It's where you find out how many people have related themselves to your piece of work. You might feel that countless of them have already liked it, but the thing is, I was overwhelmed that they saw me in this state and appreciated where I was trying to get at. My message was conveyed just as I wanted it to be. The same goes to my blog entries. Sometimes, the entry that you least expect to be recognizable suddenly becomes one.
2. It's All In the Mind
When a person fails, usually, the first thing he'll think of are the people watching him fail. If you're not this type, maybe I'm one of those who's very extremely conscious about making mistakes.  I've already experienced failing on exams, even on difficult subject. I was scared that people would bring me down further, especially when I keep repeating them. Of course they'd expect you to keep failing continuously because you're letting it happen. I'm just saying that, you only have to care about yourself. A blogger told me that I must stop comparing myself to others so I don't feel depressed all the time. 
If you are not good at doing something, you are not responsible for overcoming their expectation. You know your own limits and you must only satisfy yourself. The key answer to not regret is always do your one hundred one percent on everything. 100 for your hard work, and 1 for motivation that your best would always be good enough even if doesn't seem so. 
3. Just have fun and enjoy the present.

You know yourself better than anyone else. They might keep on stressing out your imperfections, your stupidity, you worse points, your ugly past, your shortcomings. But don't let it come into your nerves and taint your future. Learn from what they have told, but do not exaggerate up to a point that they are already manipulating your decisions in life. Just let some guide you in your path, but you should always use your own shoes.