Wellness is the foundation for living optimally. Without wellness, it is difficult to enjoy a good quality of life or to pursue one’s life passion. Life coaching with an emphasis on healthy living can assist clients to create goals toward wellness. Common wellness goals for people who obtain services at Coaches 4 Success, Inc include, but are not limited to: 1) stress management, 2) smoking cessation, 3) work-life balance, 4) maintaining a regular exercise routine, 5) improving their medical support network, and 6) sustaining healthy eating patterns.

Successful life coaching often starts on a positive note. On the path toward healthy living, a life coach who respectfully invites you to make a list of your current habits is an important step geared toward wellness. Acknowledging and affirming your positive lifestyle habits can feel encouraging. The more a life coach focuses on your healthy habits, the more likely you are to continue them. People often don’t get noticed for the wonderful choices they have made in favor of their wellbeing. Such a supportive style of life coaching helps to create a positive foundation for the process.

The behaviors and choices that do not promote your overall health need attention as well. It takes a great deal of courage to reach out to a life coach and discuss such habits and behaviors. People often feel very vulnerable sharing about habits that they know do not optimize their health. A non-judgmental life coach can listen with compassion and invite you to make a list of habits and behaviors that you would like to let go. In a supportive environment where your coach is dedicated to help you reach your goals and at the same time encourage accountability, you are more likely to succeed. In addition to support and accountability, a trained life coach can help motivate you by discussing your progress and focus on how good it feels to get closer to your vision.

Helping clients identify resources to accomplish their wellness goals is beneficial. One such resource is obtaining a primary care physician with whom you can feel comfortable. When it comes to healthy living and working toward wellness, you can benefit from having a primary care physician. He or she can give you an overall picture of your health through examination, testing and other means. Physicians often recommend lifestyle changes such as an improved diet or more consistent exercise to improve your overall health. Life coaching that promotes healthy choices can be additional support for clients implementing their physicians’ recommendations. In many instances, a life coach can assist you to develop a better working relationship with your physician and maximize the benefit of working with them. From experience working with our clients, surrounding yourself with positive resources make the process of change faster and smoother.

Finally, given the negative health consequences of less than optimal life choices, it makes sense to make wellness a top priority. Too many people are suffering from a poor quality of life due to the lack of wellness. It is hopeful to know with a help of a life coach and enlisting other resources, you can implement healthy and life changing habits. Others have done it successfully, and you can too.

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