boxing glovesThis is hopefully going to be the start of a new chapter in my life. Quite different from the last one, but maybe that’s okay. The one thing we all know about our time on earth is that it is uncertain, constantly changing and when one tries to control the shift, it never works out well.

Today I was diagnosed with serous carcinoma cancer. The long and short of it is…the bastard is aggressive and I’ve been advised to come up fighting with loaded boxing gloves. The doctor is a good “cut man” to have in my corner, and is confident we can knock this thing silly. I’m going to keep my eyes on the prize!

Next week I will go in to have a port installed in my chest. Supposedly this will make chemo treatments more tolerable. The plan is to do chemo for 6 months sandwiched in between radiation for 4 to 5 weeks.

I’m the first to admit…I’ve currently lost my sense of humor. I’m hoping that it returns…along with other insights about life, this invasive intruder, and the joy we should all feel when able to share time with those we love.

I wish you health, humor, and a whole lot more. Got to go…just heard the bell for round one.