Few decorative elements spice up a drab business quite like a life size statue. A huge statue can breathe new life into your business, capturing the attention of both employees and customers. By serving as a talking point, the right statue can ensure that customers remember your business -- and return to it in the future. The following are just a few of the many ways in which a statue can contribute to a more welcoming environment and a more dedicated customer base:

Restaurant Ambience

One of the best and most practical areas to set up a life size statue is at a restaurant's entrance or waiting area. The right statue will reflect the restaurant's unique atmosphere while making guests of all ages feel welcome. Many restaurant owners favor statues modeled off of the types of food served there. For example, a massive ice cream cone statue is right at home in any ice cream parlor. Likewise, a display featuring a fork wrapped in spaghetti will fit in nicely at the local Italian restaurant.

The ambiance is important, but statues can also serve a more practical purpose in the restaurant setting. Many statues feature themed chefs, bakers, and other life-like individuals holding blank menu signs. To let customers know what's available each day, add your own menu to the statue. Not only will customers get a kick out of seeing this unique display, this will stop them from badgering your waitstaff for menus.

Photo Opportunity

In an age of Snapchat and Instagram, everybody is constantly on the hunt for the next good selfie opportunity. You can easily supply that opportunity at your business by setting up a life size statue. Customers -- especially young customers -- will be eager to have their pictures taken in front of your store's unique statue. Encourage them to take their own pictures and post them online. For a fresh take on social media marketing, feel free to take pictures for your customers -- and promise to tag them on Facebook. This will force customers to check out your social media accounts. Many will share the photos they find on your company's Facebook page on their own profiles, thereby spreading the word about your business to their contacts. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract attention via social media.

Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

If you are looking to make your business a bit more amenable for a younger crowd, you'll quickly attract the favor of children with a big, colorful statue. Teens love posing for pictures by statues, but children are simply satisfied by gazing at them, and, of course, goofing off around them. Young visitors will remember your business as the place with the cool quarterback statue or the creepy pirate statue. Make their experience especially memorable by installing a sitting statue on a themed bench. This is the ideal approach to turning a dull waiting room into a fun place to hang out.

Holidays and Themed Events

Themed events can be used to attract new customers and to keep more established customers engaged. These events are also great for improving rapport and job satisfaction among employees, who always appreciate the chance to take a break and see your business through fresh eyes. The type of event you throw will depend largely on your industry, the customers you aim to cater to, the time of year, and your own quirky personality.

Whether you host a pirate-themed event for young customers or a traditional holiday party, you'll want to mark the occasion with bold and beautiful decor. Streamers and banners alone aren't good enough; if you really want to make a statement, you'll need a life size statue. Such statues are especially welcome during the holiday season, as they can be used year after year to deliver good cheer.

A life size statue can spell the difference between a dull storefront and an exciting atmosphere that attracts new customers and retains old ones. Whether your intentions are practical or whimsical, you and your customers will love gazing at your business' larger-than-life statues. Shop our selection today!