How is the blogger world doing these days? I have been busy with work. I am so over night shift but for now, that's where I'm still at. I like parts of it, but there are other parts I'm not as fond of, such as not being on the same schedule as my kids. I miss just being home with them at night. I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week, which is not bad, but one day off is always about sleeping. It's hard to do with kids. I'd love to just get on days now. I am not sure about WHERE I work though. I still plan to go into the Oncology field. At this point I haven't yet. I still work with a lot of cancer patients though. I work with a bit of everything.

Other than that it's been a crazy time for me. This summer was insane. My life has been turned upside down really. So much as happened that I can't even write about. I could use prayers, well wishes, good vibes, thoughts, whatever it is you do. I need it. I have been having a hard time dealing with all that's going on. I struggle inside with what to DO. I only hope that whatever happens it's the right thing!