Funny escape knotted sheet joke picture

"I’m sick of being locked up in here."
"Yeah, it was fun at the beginning. I quite liked the padding on the walls, but after a while one fancies a different colour, don’t you think?"
"Definitely. We need to escape."
"How we gonna do that?"
"Well, I saw this movie once. They tied sheets together and made a rope."
"Sheets? Where we gonna get so many sheets?"
"Well, we get new ones once a week. We’ll just not put ours in the wash bin."
"Aah. You’re not stupid, you."
"No, just insane."
"Hee-hee. Me too."

"Right, be careful now. I’m going to let you down slowly."
"You there yet?"
"No. Pull me up."
"Jeez, you weigh a ton."
"Listen. We got a problem."
"Too short. The rope’s too short."
"OK. Not an issue. We’ll wait a few more weeks and make the rope longer. Then we’ll try again."
"Aah. You’re not stupid, you."

"OK, here goes."
"See you at the bottom."
"…. Hal?"
"Pull me up. We got a problem."
"OK hang on…. So, what’s the problem?"
"The rope’s too long."