Finding inspiration...
Lofoten- summer 2016


I am so lucky and have family that has vacationed there for many years,
and they show us the panorama of the islands-
 it`s countless opportunities of memorable adventure. 
The cost are magnificent- wilderness...
and lots of opportunity for seaborne and land based adventure.

Lacking or absence of inspiration will result to exactly the opposite.
When one is inspired, it brings a certain feeling of enthusiasm about one’s life.
Inspiration to each and every individual is different.
Where some find inspiration from those that have attained a certain level of
success and happiness their lives,
others are inspired by nature and its wonder.
For most, inspiration is key to a life of living meaningfully...
When one is just drifting and wandering around, with no direction as to where
to go and what goal to pursue,
one becomes more and more less motivated, loosing his inner self purpose and in time,
become depressed.
One’s inspiration is very much determined by ones personal or career goals,
and the direction that one wishes to live his life.
When wanting to live an abundant life, then the inspiration will be easily found in life stories
of those who have achieved success.
Definitely, one needs to acquire intelligence, to study and learn, to collect knowledge,
and the skill to manage your time; however all this will be useless without motivation.

From inspiration springs enthusiasm.  
Enthusiasm is one’s attitude of confidence, curiosity and expectation, with fragments
of daring and risk.
It is a very strong force that brings vigor to one’s day and draws people.
Note that pessimism, negativity, anxiety and apprehension drain the energy within you.
So focus only on the positive side in every situation that you encounter; this way, things get done more easily.

So to sustain motivation, it requires rationalization that is anchored on positive outcome 
from endeavors.
I also hope You have had a Wonderful summer...Sending love and light.