The digital era requires people to always one step ahead, as well as their business. Companies either small, medium, or large need an appropriate and efficient marketing for their business growth. At this time, many companies are selling their products online. They are marketing their products on website, social media, email, etc. Business marketing strategy is now no longer limited to traditional business but also business like online store, affiliate business, web hosting and so on.

Marketing your products through the internet is one of many strategies to expand the market reach. Through online marketing, product's information can reach consumers who are far away without having to go directly to the area to promote the product. With this phenomenon, of course everyone will know that this strategy is more effective and efficient because it makes the business as if it were open for 24 hours non-stop and accessible from all over the world.

The digital era makes it easy for companies to grow their businesses in a broader scale yet increase their competitors. Even local or even small business online should have a good marketing concept so they can reach a wider consumer if they want to grow, especially with the amount of competition in the world of online business. That's why a marketing strategy is needed in an online business. Thus, the companies need an on-line marketing solution to keep their businesses from the competitors.

A good online business marketing strategy in product marketing will not only add the potential for success, but also make the business or company have a good reputation among consumers and make a strong brand in the market. As you can see today, the marketing strategy for online business is obviously much utilizing information technology in the process.

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