The past week has been extremely slow. I only shipped out a men’s sweater on Monday, which wasn’t a trash find but a charity donation. The Man didn’t like it. I was happy though because it took seven months to get a decent bid on it.

What is waiting for pick-up is the IKEA Alang floor lamp from the big haul I mentioned last time. I had a great bid on it, so I shouldn’t complain, but the lady canceled this morning because of car trouble. I really hope to hear back from her soon.

Let’s have a look on some of the glass and ceramics I got from our emigrant.

Rosenthal glass dish. German. Should have some value, but the design isn't really attractive.

This is Turkish. The symbol on the lid represents a word, 'zerendud', for which I haven't found a clear translation yet. Anybody? It looks touristic to me, but it does have a numbered certificate.

I like this vase. Also German, by Joska Kristall. Currently they only offer very tiny vases, so value here is also hard to determine. Haven't looked on Ebay yet.

Dutch mantelpiece vases. Surely imitations, but I found out that the Dutch shipping companies had them produced in China in the 1600s, which may explain the somewhat Aziatic decorations.

The smaller one is cracked. I found it days later in a separate box and I added the photo to the listing for the windmill as proof of it's Dutchness.

Three Delft Blue plates, to hang on the wall. Painting reproductions of Gerard Dou, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer. Only the edge is hand painted.

Enough for now. Any information welcome. I'm just not used to selling things like this. Don't know what to ask, what to expect. I thrive on regular second hand.