Things are still very slow, but at least yesterday I sold a winter coat that a friend gave to me and I have two pick-ups scheduled for tomorrow. I hope nothing gets canceled this time.

With the sweater of last week, at the beginning of Spring I sold two winter items in a row that have been waiting all season. You just never can tell!

I did my homework and found a link to the most likely original seller of my Turkish glass jar:

To give an indication, TL 850 is about USD 295…

Knowing that I’m getting less comfortable with having to store and wait long for good bids for all the delicate stuff as it’s not likely going to go fast. Most of the visitors of the local classifieds site I use are looking for 5-20 euro stuff and that’s what I have and enjoy trading.

Like another huge clay planter. Picked up on my favourite curb in October and sold immediately for a too low bid, but I wanted it out before winter.

Or these two that I got more for than expected.

So I may in the end have to sell some of Mr. emigrants fine porcelain under its price:

This is German, Rieber, Bavaria. It may have a chance as it’s renowned, but the gilding of my set is not in mint condition all over.

These cups and saucers are stamped Royal Darlington and I can’t find out anything about it.

The guy sure liked gild. This looks Japanese to me, but I can’t tell.

Last for today, from Australia by Maxwell & Williams. It’s not vintage (stamped 2002) but the stuff isn’t cheap. As it’s fairly sturdy I may try it at a market. Someone might fall for the design without actually being on the lookout for a teapot.

Lucky there was some a bit more regular stuff as well. Things I can stash in my storage or even leave outside and flog at the car boot if it doesn't go. Later about that.