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Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.


-Paulo Coelho.


Some are ready to give even their life in the name of Love, pity it’s so because I always thought of it as something meant to give people a long happy life rather than a sad premature end. Thinking that there is only one love in life is the biggest mistake one can ever make. Love is only an emotion like anger, hate or joy and so it should be understood as such. It is never above one’s own life, it is only a medium through which we seek for happiness in life. It is a selfish feeling, a feeling which underlines the capability of human morality, longing to care and to be cared. If one enjoy his life and understands the value of it he will never feel trapped by any of his emotions but rather try to master it to an extent that he can manipulate it to gain clarity and freedom.
There is no right way to show or feel anger, excitement or happiness, similarly there is no right way for love too.  Every individual has his own interpretation of love but none know what it really is and how it should be felt, it is different and unique to each individual especially that towards his or her mate. I don’t believe in the existence of soul mate or one true love because the success in all happily living couples lies in understanding, acceptance and endurance capacity of both or any one of the individuals. Each individual have a unique characteristics deeply inspired by the people with whom they spend their childhood (most probably their parents). So in a reasonable sense the introduction of a new person into one’s life as a mate in the later stage requires something more mature than a fairy concept called soul mate or one true love.  
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